Happy Friday Sugar Fix Fans! Clear Braces right after the holidays are a great way to bring in the New Year!  Here at Sugar Fix, we love for our patients to be proud and happy with their smiles!

Clear Braces are fast and easy at Sugar Fix Dental Loft!

Now at Sugar Fix, we can use our Cerec Ortho software to take a digital scan of your teeth to send to Invisalign.  This way, they can see fine details and they get the case much faster!  So many of our patients love this new way of taking impressions because there is no mess with goopy impression material vente cialis belgique.  Say goodbye to having trays and material in your mouth for up to 10 minutes!  With the Cerec Scan, it is about 5 minutes and Invisalign starts working on your case that day!

Clear Braces

Clear Braces

How do teeth move in Invisalign?

Invisalign designs a series of aligners that gradually move the teeth,  similar to how regular braces are tightened every few weeks (except they are clear and painless)!  Each aligner gets you closer and closer to perfectly straight teeth.

What’s we have to make the whole process faster is Propel!  Propel is a technique used by Dr. Brittany Dickinson to speed up treatment exponentially to where you only wear each aligner for only 3 days!  This is great for our patients who are looking to get in and out of treatment.  Usually, a full case is done in 1-2 months!

Clear Braces

Clear Braces

How do they stay straight after?

It’s easy!  After treatment, we have Invisalign make you a clear tray to sleep with at night.  This will maintain the position of the teeth and keep them straight!  This is crucial to make sure they do not reverse and go back to being out of alignment.  If you do not think that you would be compliant with this, we would recommend that a lingual bar is placed permanently to ensure the teeth do not shift.


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We hope everyone has a safe & Happy Holiday!




The Sugar Squad