Hey Sugar Fix Friends!

This week at Sugar Fix Dental Loft we were busy as always with our awesome cerec designs and new accelerated Invisalign treatment!  Our patient was so excited to get her old silver fillings out and replaced.  She hated how they looked when she laughed and smiled because you can see them from the sides.  She was very lucky that we got to them before her teeth fractured from the cracks and decay!  The results are amazing and she is so happy and can’t wait to do her other side!  Check out the photo below to see how great and natural it looks!

Cerec restoration

Beautiful Cerec Restorations!!

The highlight of our week was our Propel rep Kate coming in to assist in Dr. Emery and Ashley‘s Propel treatment!  In combination with Invisalign, Propel helps to move stubborn teeth faster and this way, the amount of time in trays is cut down significantly.  The process was so easy, pain free, and speeds up the treatment 3-4x!! For Ashley with 15 trays, instead of being done around St. Patrick’s Day 2017, she is going to be done before Halloween 2016!! How exciting!  For Dr. Emery’s treatment, she only has 4 trays and will be done in just 16 days!  They are both so happy to have their treatment done in a shorter amount of time, who wouldn’t be?!  This technology is truly incredible and we are so happy to now have it available for our patients, too.  We have a video on the process posting to facebook soon so be on the look out!  If you know anyone who always wanted to have Invisalign, but wearing the trays for 6 months or a year did not seem like a good time frame, let them know now it will be a much faster process and the results are amazing!

Accelerated Invisalign treatment

Propel Treatment Day 1!

Until next week!


The Sugar Fix Team, xoxo