Hello All!

The post-Super Bowl blues can really get to ya, but it hasn’t stopped us from staying busy here at the loft. Our Cerec machine has been in full force this week restoring old restorations and creating new ones so everyone has healthy and happy smiles!

We’ve had a lot of old, fractured amalgam restorations; those ones you had to fill cavities way back when we were all kids. Using our Cerec, we made same-day fillings created from porcelain to strengthen the tooth and remove all that old silver. The best part is no one will ever tell you had a filling because it’ll blend right in with your natural tooth color!

Another patient this week was able to have a Cerec Crown created the same day she had a root canal done on her tooth! Most people are unaware that Cerec technology can create such a smooth and painless process that can be very scary for some patients.

Our favorite part of this week was seeing the amazing transformation, not only in our patient’s smile but in her confidence! Many patients are unaware of the veneer process that can enhance your smile. The first step is creating diagnostic casts. Dr. Brittany Dickinson personally goes over each individual case with the lab to ensure the size and shape of each veneer are just right. The next step generally includes ZOOM whitening. This is an in-office treatment that boosts the shade of your teeth to make them whiter and brighter. Finally, we try in the veneers and Dr. Dickinson gives an impeccable critique to make sure they are absolutely perfect and to your liking. Once all is set, you’re ready to show off the confident smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our patient this week received 10 veneers and, now, walks around happier than she’s ever been. We couldn’t be more excited!


We can’t wait for all the beautiful transformations yet to come!