Have you seen Sugar Fix?  Here are a few hints! 
We are women about the town.  We love getting out, bumping into patients, meeting new people, and having a good time.  You can often spot us at local restaurants and concerts.  Chicago is the biggest small town we know.  
As much as we like hanging out in Chicago, sometimes we need a travel fix, so we split.  Dr. Emery’s personal fave is a white sandy beach with turquoise blue water.  Occasionally we travel together, as many of our continuing education courses are held out of state.
This requires a little imagination, but involves YOU, so stay with me.  Even when we’re not bouncing around outside the loft, our patients, friends and family members are buzzing about us.  Thanks guys!  Keep up the good work.  You refer the best patients
Our stripes travel!  We've seen our signature pink and white stripes in some pretty cool places.  And admittedly, sometimes we’re responsible.  Have you ever seen us on the el, who hasn’t?  Perhaps you’ve seen one of our pens floating around town?  We like to leave them behind wherever we go.
It’s totally obvious we love to be seen and heard, which is why you see us everywhere.  We are passionate about creating beautiful smiles and making people smile.  The more you see us, the more you know us.  We’re interested in meeting you, your friends and family, colleagues, and anyone else who could benefit from our expertise.  
If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, contact Chicago cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jessica Emery and the team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft to schedule a consultation.
See you around!