Chicago Zoom II® Teeth WhiteningDiscoloration is a common problem among patients, staining teeth and putting a damper on one’s smile. Luckily, the way to achieve brighter teeth is both safe and efficient, thanks to the highly effective methods of Zoom® teeth whitening products. Unlike over-the-counter products, which come with poorly fitting trays and result in marginal improvement, professional whitening offers dramatic results in a single office visit. If you are looking to create a whiter smile in or around Chicago, consider how the Zoom II® technique could help you.

What Is Zoom II®?

Zoom® whitening treatment utilizes the same basic methods as most whitening gels, but with results that are noticeably superior to alternative products. This is because professional whitening contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide for a stronger effect. Zoom II® also includes amorphous calcium phosphate, which both strengthens tooth enamel and reduces sensitivity after treatment. Ultimately, Zoom II® gives patients the best opportunity to remove discoloration from teeth while also making the procedure as quick and comfortable as possible.    

What Can Zoom® Teeth Whitening Fix?

Before undergoing whitening treatment, it’s important to know what type of stains will be affected. In general, there are two kinds of discoloration that may be present in teeth: deep stains and surface stains. Deep stains are specific areas of discoloration located below the enamel, which may be caused by a variety of sources, including medication, fluoride overexposure, and physical trauma. In most instances, these stains will not be affected by whitening gel.

Surface stains are located within the enamel tissue and are usually the result of food, drink, and sometimes tobacco use. Since they’re closer to the surface, they are more easily reached and removed by whitening gel. This is the most common type of discoloration, making teeth whitening treatment an effective option for most patients.

How Does Zoom II® Work?

When you come in for a teeth whitening procedure, you can expect the following to take place:

  • Your teeth will first be isolated from adjacent gum tissue, in order to prevent discomfort and irritation from contact with the whitening gel.
  • The cosmetic dentist will apply the gel over your teeth carefully.
  • The gel will be activated with a special light that is directed at your teeth for 15 minutes. This encourages a more rapid absorption of the gel by teeth.
  • The gel and light will be removed, and this process will be repeated for two additional rounds.
  • After the third session, your teeth should be markedly whiter.

The treatment process takes an hour or less, and patients are free to leave as soon as it is over. Although professional whitening can be repeated for added results, too much exposure to whitening gel can begin to erode enamel. Therefore, patients should refrain from seeking additional whitening treatments in the near future without consulting their dentist first.

Alternative Treatment Options

Patients who want to benefit from teeth whitening treatment but are wary of an in-office procedure may be good candidates for a take-home whitening kit. This kit allows patients to perform the treatment in the comfort of their own home, on a schedule that is a more convenient. Rather than completing the whitening in one session, treatment at home utilizes a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is spread out over multiple sessions. Therefore, this may be a good option for patients with sensitive teeth, who would otherwise be in too much discomfort from having the whitening performed all at once.

If whitening is not a good option at all, such as for patients with deep stains, a better cosmetic technique may be to cover the discoloration with a restoration. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are commonly used to conceal stains, making them viable alternative options. Speak with your dentist for more information on which treatment is most appropriate for you.  

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