Most clients come to us eager to begin their smile makeover experience, but have little to no idea what's involved in the process.  We refer to a smile makeover as an, "experience", because, most, if not all of our cases are life changing.  Looking in the mirror and liking what you see is very powerful.  Gaining this sort of confidence with a smile makeover can change you life in more ways than one.  That, to us, is an experience!  Here's how it goes.

We initiate the experience by meeting with you to discuss your concerns and dental history.  A series of photos and x-rays will be taken and a comprehensive examination of your mouth will be completed.  Once we've gathered all the facts, we'll share them with you.  From here, we will work together to design a healthy and beautiful smile you will be proud to wear. 

After we agree on the course of treatment, Laney, Dr. Emery's clinical coordinator, will take impressions of your existing smile that will be sent to our cosmetic dental lab.  From there our designated cosmetic lab technician will carefully mock up your smile makeover on a model for you to evaluate. A custom template that we will later use to create the temporaries you will wear while your restorations (e.g. veneers or crowns) are being designed and made will also be fabricated from the mock up.  You will be given an opportunity to view your smile design and voice any of your questions or concerns before we proceed any further.

At your next visit, Dr. Emery will conservatively prepare you teeth for your final restorations.  She will then take a second set of impressions and several photos for our lab tech to use when designing your case.  You will leave our office in custom temporaries that will closely resemble your final smile design.  About two weeks later, your case will arrive from the lab, and you will return for the delivery of your final restorations.  Photos will be taken in several different lights, for you to evaluate the shade and translucency prior to seating your restorations.  Once we are certain we have selected the best shade for your coloring, age and preference, we will bond the restorations into place.  Minor bite adjustments will be made and you will be finished.

The experience as a whole is obviously so much more than the steps listed above, and we truly believe it really begins after your transformation is complete.  We implement the initial steps in a life changing experience, and you enjoy your beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Jessica Emery and the team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft has perfected the art of the smile makeover from start to finish.  Contact us today to learn more about embarking on your Sugar Fix Dental Loft smile makeover experience.