If youre like so many patients, the lingering numbness of local anesthesia is something youve become used to but never comfortable with – its not easy getting on with your day when part of you is still not feeling normal. Are you ready for a new possibility?

Its about time for OraVerse.

OraVerse is the first and only product of its kind to rapidly reverse the effects of your local dental anesthetic so you can feel, speak, smile, and drink normally in approximately half the time. It is scientifically proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation and function following routine dental procedures.

The same drug used in OraVerse has been utilized in other medical applications for the past 50 years. And now the safety and effectiveness of OraVerse have been successfully demonstrated for dental application use through clinical trials involving pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.

Be sure to ask about oraverse at your next visit.

“smiling is contagious”