Happy Wednesday!

Dr. Jessica Emery and our Clinical Coordinator, Nicole, jet-setted off to Jamaica for an amazing opportunity to attend the Delivering Wow Summit. 

While attending this fun-filled continuing education course, they were able to take away so many great key points that can always help implement our Sugar Fix team and practice! Founder and CEO of Delivering Wow, Dr. Anissa Holmes, share with the room her story on how she was running a full speed, successful dental practice and just sat down and thought, I’m just not having fun anymore.

So she created Delivering Wow University. A place where dentists can go to have an online community to speak with other dentists. The dental world is continuing to change at a lightspeed pace. And some may not know how to keep up. Some dentists may need an extra boost. And that is what Delivering Wow can do for them.

Customer service is also a huge key in dentistry. When you’re in the dental world, you know that patients do not want to see us. They hate coming to the dentist and some of their biggest fears come out. That’s why Dr. Jessica Emery and the team at Sugar Fix Dental always strive to make your visit to our office the best. And Dr. Emery and Nicole were able to hear from other offices and the panel of speakers how their customer service worked for them. You can always learn from others, even if your systems are going well! And we love learning and implementing new systems into our practice!

If you ever have any questions about a procedure or need to know specific details of a certain tooth related topic, please do not ever hesitate to reach out! We love talking to you guys and will be more than happy to explain anything to you! You can reach us at info@sugarfixdental.com or give us a call at 773-883-1818.

Until next time,