Hey Sugar Fix fans!  Did you know that Dr. Emery’s brain is LOADED with creativity?  She expresses it through creating smile-makeovers for our patients, designing & decorating The Loft space, and even as being the brainchild for all of her marketing.   Another creative outlet for Dr. Emery is through social media.   Dr. Emery loves to stay on top of the social media craze at Sugar Fix!  As a business owner, it’s important nowadays to really be savvy on social media on top of everything else she does!  Dr. Emery LOVES to share the smiles she sees out and about as well as all of those smiles we see every day in the office; she creatively weaves them into all of the social media outlets for Sugar Fix .


We love our Facebook page because it’s where we share photos, website blog posts, and any dental articles we find interesting for our readers.  We have followers that like to see what is going on at The Loft as well as in the neighboring Lakeview area.  It is definitely a great way to show everyone what is going on in-between their visits with us!



Dr. Emery has an Instagram feed @sugarfixdentalloft where she shares “smiles” from all around.  She also hosts a blog Instagram feed @thedentaldiares where she shares pics of her “day in the life” of being a dentist, wife, and mom of three!  Both are updated regularly and are so fun to follow!  We even have our local printer put the Instagram feeds up in the windows for all that pass by to see the fun we’ve been having at The Loft!  For a little “eye candy”, we have our printer change those images every month or so- you should check them out the next time you’re at The Loft or in the neighborhood.


Smile collage

“Smiles” captured by Dr.Emery!



Besides those two feeds, we have two more Instagram pages that share the amazing smile before and after transformations of our patients!   One shows our viewers what a temporary smile looks like or what we refer to as “trial smiles.”   We have this page to show patients that are interested in receiving similar treatments or so they can see what amazing results they can expect; it can be found at @sfdltrialsmiles.



The other Instagram page features beautiful veneer before and afters is @sfdlsmilegallery.  This is similar to the page on our website, but it is constantly updated when we finish cases.  Both are great to look at when you are considering a smile transformation by Dr. Emery!



In addition to Instagram & Facebook, we also can be seen on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter!  Those of us on Team Sugar Fix assist Dr. Emery with the upkeep of these accounts.  Dr. Emery loves our creative energy as well and encourages and invests in us by sending us to workshops to learn more!  How lucky are we?



If you’re not a follower of ours, please consider it!   We promise to provide you with great & meaningful pictures!  We would absolutely be THRILLED if you see any smiles around town, tag @sugarfixdentalloft and shout out Dr. Emery & Sugar Fix Dental Loft!  That would REALLY make us smile!!