It’s true, we’re remodeling to make it a better resource for our patients and visitors. Our current site has been fun, but simply put, we have outgrown it.

Some features you can look forward to are online reservation requests, live news feed, chat now for dental questions, before and after galleries and much much more.

I really hope this site will emulate the experience we provide at our loft. Our second to none guest service is something we take very seriously and I would love for people to get a taste of that even before they visit us. And for returning guests, I feel it’s only fair to provide them with a resource as caring and honest as we strive to be.

The 6-month construction phase with our new dental website design company kicked off this week and we’re thrilled. Above all else we want this site to service our guests, so I welcome any suggestions or requests to ensure our cyber loft will go the distance.

Thanks a Million Smiles,

Team Sugar Fix