According to the National Day Calendar, today is Creative Live Day! Those who are familiar with Sugar Fix Dental Loft and Dr. Jessica Emery, know just how fitting this is! Not only is Dr. Jessica Emery a creative mastermind herself, but she also loves to involve her team and the world around her (for that matter) as much as she possibly can!


So many fun, inspiring projects, where do we start. Of course, a lot starts with our website, Our interactive website is 1st of it’s kind and Dr. Emery has been handed through the entire building process. She is actually in the works of making some further improvements to the site to keep it at the top of it’s class. Sugar Fix Dental Loft also works hard daily to make sure we stay involved with our patients and the community through social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube! We continuously post blogs bi-weekly (like this one) to keep our community and our patients as involved with us as we can.


One of the latest passion project’s is Snap Chat. Dr. Jessica Emery hopped on board a few months ago and has been snapping stories of her day ever since. Almost a “day in the life of” type story which is so fun to follow. How cool is it to be able to see your favorite Chicago Dentist in her everyday life, from sun up to sun down?! She will even give you a little insight to what a typical day would be like here at the loft. So make sure to follow us @drjessicaemery ! When else would you be able to get this kind of insider information?!?!


And now, in the honor of the day that is, our team has posted Facebook Live video to our page and we hope that you will absolutely come check it out and enjoy this day with us! Happy National Creative Live Day ya’ll!


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