Cosmetic Dentistry is a beautiful thing.  It restores confidence and often accelerates people into better places in life.  There hasn't been one circumstance in my career where I've had a patient tell me they wish they hadn't undergone treatment.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  Time after time patients tell me their only regret is not doing something sooner.  But what's holding them up?  There are many reasons people hesitate to move forward, but the most common reason by far is financial.

What many people don't know, or don't ask, is what their financial options are.  I can sympathize with them because it's a difficult subject to broach.  When you're already feeling uncomfortable or perhaps embarrassed about your smile it's not easy to talk money.  So I'm going to talk about it now and hope doing so will help people better understand their options.

Dental insurance will sometimes cover cosmetic treatments if they're also deemed necessary for form and function, which is often the case.  Sadly, the maximum reimbursement from most dental insurance policies rests right around $1500.  However, every little bit helps and we often maximize benefits for our patients.  Depending on the time of year, we're also sometimes able to spread the treatment over two calendar years, thus allowing two maximum reimbursements

After insurance, all remaining expenses are out of pocket.  Here's where the options come in.  Several of our cases involve multiple phases of treatment and take a number of months to complete.  For these instances, we offer private financing and patients pay for treatment as it progresses.  A second option is an advance installment plan, which allows patients make payments on treatment before we get started.

When private financing isn't an option, we refer our patients to a trusted third party financing company.  We've had long standing relationships with two companies, Care Credit (GE Capital) and Citi Health.  Both companies are extremely reputable and have helped several patients proceed with the cosmetic dental treatment they desire.  Little to no interest options with flexible terms are available to qualified applicants. 

Finally, I encourage communication.  We can offer guidance and alternatives that may be more suitable for your circumstance.  Our primary goal is to provide all patients quality cosmetic and restorative dental care within reach.  We truly value the relationships we cultivate and want to ensure each and every one of our patients feel good about the smile they wear every day. 

Contact us to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry financing options in Chicago!  We’re happy to help!