Dentists are given a bad wrap.  Movies depict dated practices with heavy handed Doctors and snarky staff.  Sympathy is expressed when you explain you’re going to visit the dentist, which is usually followed by an unsolicited dental horror story.  We totally get it, we’re not everyone’s favorite people to see, or place to be.  

But what if your dentist wasn’t so bad?  What if your dentist was your friend, and visiting their office felt more like visiting their home? Warming up to the idea?  Let me elaborate.  This is exactly what Sugar Fix Dental Loft is trying to accomplish.  We just want to shed our negative roots.

So here’s what we did about it.  Our place is primo.  Luxe velvet couches, gorgeous chandeliers, intricate orientals and cozy dental chairs that will make you melt.  Settle in, it’s going to be a great visit!


On top of the decor, our entertainment selection packs a serious punch.  We customize our overhead playlist according to client preferences, and each treatment studio is equipped with Apple TV for streaming your favorite music, movies and tv shows through bose noise canceling headphones.  All of this greatness unfolds before you on a personal HD LED flat screen.  Talk about the hook up!   

When it comes to getting in and out of here, we gotcha covered. We’ll electronically submit your insurance claims, and email or text to remind you of your appointments.  Treatment plans and statements can be emailed or printed, and we’re always available to you for questions or concerns.  Just like our dentistry, our administration is painless.  

Aside from all of this, we think we’re a pretty fun crew.  Getting out in the neighborhood (shout out to Frasca) and getting to know our clients is a perk we’re pumped about!  Aside from the face to face, we've been known to get social on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest, just to name a few.  We've made many friends along the way, and even managed some pretty flattering reviews.

Connect with us. We promise it will be way more fun than your average trip to the dentist!