Our May 2013 case of the month is all about teamwork.  It required the talent of three dental specialists, Dr. Emery (cosmetic and restorative dentist), an orthodontist, and a periodontist (dental implant surgeon) to create one life changing smile makeover for our patient.

Let’s back up. This case began in early 2010, roughly three years ago.  Upon initial consultation, we were presented with missing lower premolars, a misaligned bite and overall cosmetic concerns.

We referred him to an orthodontist to correct his bite, and a periodontist to place implants where his premolars had formerly been missing.  Start to finish, the orthodontic treatment lasted nearly 2 years.  Utilizing orthodontics to set up the ideal position for final restorations allowed us to approach the restorative phase of his treatment plan in the most conservative way possible.  

In addition to setting Dr. Emery up for the ideal restorative approach, the orthodontist also customized the treatment plan to provide ample space for the periodontist to place implants in the most ideal locations.
Upon completion of his orthodontic treatment, he returned to the periodontist to prepare and augment the sites where dental implants would eventually be placed.  Once all areas we optimally healed, implants were placed where his teeth were formally missing.  Implants need to heal for anywhere between 3 – 6 months to ensure full integration.
After successful implant integration was confirmed, Dr. Emery was able to complete the cosmetic and restorative phase of treatment.  We treatment planned a full mouth restoration to correct his bite and improve aesthetics   It’s worth noting that cosmetic dentistry doesn’t necessarily mean megawatt porcelain veneers.  This patient, for example, wanted a really natural smile makeover, which was definitely achieved.  
All and all this case was executed beautifully by all parties involved.  In fact, the only glitch was a later than expected final restoration delivery date, due to the earlier than expected arrival of our patient’s second child.  Now that’s some something to smile about!
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