Last week we asked, “who’s your smile crush?".  This week we’re curious, what’s your “smile style?”.  You probably have several, and depending on the circumstance, you deploy the appropriate “smile style.”  

It’s safe to say our sincerest smiles are untrained.  These are the smiles that just happen.  They’re spontaneous and wholehearted.  The kind of smiles that induce smile lines and produce the most memorable photographs.  
Fake smiles attempt to look sincere, but often fall short.  If you see a smile that appears strained, it’s probably fake.  The best way to detect a bogus beam is to check out the fakers facial muscles.  Are the eyes smiling?  Smiling eyes separate the truth from fiction every time.  
Inviting smiles are packaged differently for men and women.  Women will engage in direct eye contact, arch their brows to make their eyes seem bigger, lower their eyelids, tuck their chins down and to the side and giggle.  Men are a little more stealthy in their approach.  Most men give a full-fledged grin, combined with a raised brow.  This is usually a good sign that a man is open to overtures. As if the dating game isn't confusing enough, we now have to decipher smiles
A close-mouthed smile with corners upturned can indicate shyness. But a tight smile with the top lip stretched wide and upper teeth just barely showing signifies that someone is uncomfortable, and would rather be somewhere or with someone else.  
Now for a few examples.  In a rare twist, I decided to model for this blog.  You'll notice the lack of a sincere smile sample.  This is because I sincerely cannot give a sincere smile, on cue, while blogging alone in my office.  I rest my case.
One of the most interesting things about “smile styles” is that we have very little control over it.  The saying, “a smile says it all” is pretty accurate.  It’s only human to react in one way or another, depending on the situation, and our body language and smile tend to follow suit. 
Confidence also plays a big role in “smile styles.”  If you’re unhappy with your smile, you will undoubtedly adjust it to compensate.  We often notice a dramatic change in a person's “smile style” after we complete a smile makeover.  What once was a perhaps embarrassing feature, is now a confidence boosting asset.  It’s incredible to see!
Now that you have the facts, let us know.  What’s your "smile style?”  Do you like your smile or do you feel it might be time for an upgrade?  Chicago cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jessica Emery, and the team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft can help.  Contact us today for a “smile style” consult!
Smile On!