1.)  I’ve been to Vegas 10+ times, but not to party – I attended the Las Vegas Institute for advanced dental studies.
2.)  My husband, Andrew, is from England.  He moved here in his twenties to pursue a professional golf career.
3.)  My mom and I were the first mother and daughter to graduate from Tufts School of Dental Medicine. 
4.)  If I didn't become a cosmetic dentist.  I would have been an artist.
5.)  I moved to Chicago on a whim.  Previously, I was living in Boston and practicing dentistry at my mother’s office.
6.)  I’m the eldest of three girls.  My younger sisters are twins.
7.)  I don’t eat meat.
8.)  I avoid sports (like skiing) that may cause me to injure my arms or hands.  As a cosmetic  and restorative dentist, my hands are my greatest tool.
9.)  I have three kids – Morgan (5), Paige (3) and Blake (1)
10.)  A sandy beach with turquoise water is like therapy for me.
11.)  Hot Yoga makes me sweat, but I love it!   
12.)   I was a dental assistant and dental hygienist before entering dental school.
13.)  I biked across the state of Iowa.
14.)  I never had braces, but am now wearing invisalign to give me a perfectly straight smile.  My husband is doing it too.
15.)  My children are my greatest accomplishment in life
16.)  I name rooms.  For example, at Sugar Fix we call the consultation room the “blue room.”
17.)  Becoming a cosmetic and restorative dentist and opening Sugar Fix Dental Loft has been a dream come true.  There are few things more rewarding to me than transforming someone’s life with a smile makeover.
18.)  I like baking.  Perhaps that’s why I named my cosmetic dental practice Sugar Fix. 
19.)  I love fast cars.  
20.)  I’ve kept a journal my entire life.
21.)  The team at Sugar Fix is like a second family to me.  We spend a lot of time together.
22.)  My hair is naturally curly.
23.)  I made a denture out of clay when I was 7.  Must have been a sign.
24.)  I travel solo to Harbour Beach, FL a couple times a year to clear my head and come up with new ideas for the practice. 
25.)  I never want to retire.